Cincinnati Tax Abatement, What You Need To Know In 2023

Cincinnati’s Tax Abatement is changing…

When you build a new home or invest in renovations, your property taxes can go up. The City of Cincinnati’s Residential Property Tax Abatement allows owners to pay taxes on the pre-improvement value of their property for 10-15 years. This year, the City is making a few changes to the program.

Below, we’ve outlined a few details from the recent Home Builders Association Meeting and interviews with Paul Yankie from Green Building Consulting:

  • Neighborhoods in Cincinnati are broken into three tiers: Lift, Expand and Sustain. Each of these areas have different abatement levels.
  • The City will reassess neighborhood designations every three years.
  • Applications MUST be in BEFORE September 1, 2023. They need to be complete applications with all of the necessary components.
  • Permits will take a while to turn around as the City is understaffed.
  • Abatement Terms Lengths are changing to as low as 5 years in the Sustain Neighborhoods.
  • If you receive a permit from the City, it’s good for 6 months. You have the opportunity to extend that by 6 months (with an additional application request).
  • LEED Certification is still a big part of the new Abatement Program.

To learn more about the updated 2023 Cincinnati Tax Abatement click here, or download the 2-page information sheet.

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