Tequila might not be the answer, but it's worth a shot.

Our event space, The Remington Room, is the perfect backdrop for some awesome client events like our Tequila & Bourbon tastings, led by some of Cincinnati's most revered mixologists!

Wine Tasting 2024

Kevin Hart, the Founder and CEO of Hart & Cru, and an experienced sommelier, led us in a very fun night of tasting wines from all over the world. Visit Kevin's bottle shop and tasting room in Pendleton OTR to have a wine tasting experience like no other! . Learn more about Hart & Cru here!

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Tequila Tasting 2023

Jacob Trevino, the Founder and CEO of Gorilla Cinema Presents, led us in a very fun night of exploring Tequila. Jacob has specialized in bar consulting and developing cocktail programs for the past 16 years. Learn more about Jacob here!

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Bourbon Tasting 2022

Catherine Manabat led out bourbon tasting and has extensive experience that includes being part of the opening bar team at 21c as well as the lead in running the bar program from 2013-2015. Later, she opened HomeMakers Bar in OTR which was awarded Best Restaurant/Bar by the OTR Chamber, and was featured in several national publications including Saveur, The Wallstreet Journal and Imbibe.

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