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Daley Design + Build is a full-service design and construction company focusing on high quality and low quantity. Their open books approach to business lends transparency to the process. No secrets, no surprises.

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Unsurpassed quality

Graeme Daley is a Cincinnati native, working hard every day to take care of his fellow Cincinnatians. His passion for design and construction is embodied in the unique custom homes that he creates for his clients.

Daley Design + Build is here to guide you through the design and construction process; to build you a new home or make improvements to the one you already own. They help you avoid the stresses and unexpected costs that are often associated with new construction and major remodeling projects.

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A team who has your best interest in mind

"We like designing and creating unique places and spaces for each of our customers. If you want a home that looks different from everyone else’s on the block, we’re up for the challenge of designing you a new home from scratch in your preferred architectural style.

Our goal in design is to provide you with an open and honest partner with your best interest in mind, who will candidly guide you through the design process and explain how design decisions will add or reduce project costs."


Their 3-step process to building a home

Design Phase

"During the Design Phase we will develop custom floor plans and explore all facets of the exterior and interior design, along with finalizing selections and specifications. By doing this we ensure that all design elements have been thoroughly analyzed, detailed and specified for accurate bidding. Design Phase results in a “Design Package” containing: Architectural Plans and Specifications (with Product Photos), Site Engineering Plans, Landscape Plans, and a set of interior and exterior 3D Renderings."

Deal Phase

"During the first half of the Deal Phase we will competitively bid out the design for all major construction elements (including foundation, framing, cabinets, windows and doors, etc.), and develop an actual construction estimate based on real material quotes and labor bids. During the second half of the Deal Phase the customer, builder (and Realtors if applicable) can have an open and honest discussion about the projected build cost and total project budget, along with discussing the terms of Daley Design + Build’s Cost-Plus Construction Contract. DD+B’s cost-plus Builder Fee % is guided by a sliding scale that varies by total projected construction cost."

Build Phase

"Our goal is to make the Construction Phase as fun and stress-free for the customer as possible. At this point in the project you should be focused on enjoying watching your new home come to life. One step at a time, all of the pieces come together like clockwork until your new home is ready for your move-in. We expect to have periodic meetings with each customer to answer any questions that come up during the construction process. These are custom homes…and sometimes customers come up with new/different ideas during the construction phase about how they’d like to see something finished. These are easily addressed under the Cost-Plus contract as there are not typical Change Orders (where the builder might be making a 50% mark-up on your change). We take mid-construction changes in stride, and the Builder Fee on these changes is the same % as already agreed in the Construction Contract Builder Fee."

Lifestyle Living in Orchard Trail

Orchard Trail is a community where Daley Design + Build is building beautiful lifestyle homes that are great options for first time homebuyers, people who are looking to downsize, or anyone who wants to take advantage of living in a low-maintence home in the city of Montgomery.

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