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Meet the Barton Family

Andy and Shanna have known Scott since college and have always appreciated his honest and quick answers to all of their real estate questions. When it came time to move, there was never a doubt in their minds on who they would call to guide them through this major life decision.


What do 2 UC Bearcat Alums and 4 American Gladiators in training have in common?

Meet The Bartons! Shanna, Andy, Alexandria (10), Drew (8), Jackson or "JJ" (8), and Pierce (5). Established in 2006, this young, active, UC Bearcat loving family knows how to have fun and stay busy. On any given night, you may find an American Gladiator course set up in the Barton's home or a session of Wrestle Mania taking place.

When they are not training for their TV debut, the Barton kids participate in multiple sports - soccer, basketball, volleyball, and golf. Sprinkle in family trips to watch UC Football and Basketball games, and you have one very full calendar during the school year! Once summer arrives, you can bet on finding them relaxing poolside with friends and family. Their current home provides the perfect place to do just that!

What made you move?

With no intention of moving, COVID changed a lot for the Barton Family. The pandemic forced Andy to work remotely while Shanna was trying to manage 4 kids schooling from home. It was very chaotic but they loved their street and neighborhood so much they thought maybe they could just ride out the pandemic and wait for things to get back to normal.

But, as the pandemic lingered, they slowly decided to start checking out some places. While leaving a showing in Anderson, Andy spotted the next door neighbor's house and immediately loved the rear yard and pool. Unfortunately, this home was not for sale, so they moved on, not thinking much more of it.

They decided to continue their search by having Scott set them up on an email portal so they were aware of new listings as soon as they hit the market.

What happened next was unexpected. Shanna fondly remembers: "About 2 months later we saw ‘the house’ pop up as a listing. Our jaws dropped as we couldn't believe that exact house that we eyed from across the way was now an option. Andy quickly reached out to Scott and he got us in ASAP to see it. We fell in love with it and after saying a few prayers about if we were making the right decision, we submitted our offer."


Why Oyler Hines?

According to the Barton's, "The team Scott has put together is incredible and hard working. As a buyer or seller, when you’re negotiating a real estate contract, it is a huge life decision and you expect your agent to be available no matter the day or time. The Oyler Hines Group did not disappoint - Scott and Heather were incredibly helpful during the entire process and eased our minds when things got a bit stressful."

What surprised you most about the buying and selling process?

The Bartons made the offer on their current home right on the cusp of the crazy COVID market. They knew they would have to stand out, so Scott encouraged them to submit a letter explaining how they loved the home from afar and hoped it would eventually come on the market. This letter is what ultimately helped the sellers pick the Barton's offer even though it was not the highest or even the second highest offer!

So what surprised them the most? Shanna explains, "How long we waited to hear back from the seller in regards to our offer. We submitted our offer on a Saturday night and knew the sellers were waiting until Monday at noon to make a decision. We didn’t hear anything from them until Monday at 11:47 (but who’s counting). Earlier Monday morning we assumed they were working with another offer and mentally prepared ourselves that our offer fell through."

Once the The Bartons found out their bid was chosen, they didn’t have much time to make the decision. Shanna noted "Heather was incredible about quickly getting us some final details that we needed to make the fast decision. We were surprised at the roller coaster of emotions it was to think we were out of the race only to be thrown back into it and act quickly."

Most challenging part of buying and selling at the same time?

According to Shanna, "Once we knew we got the house, we had to scramble to get our current house on the market (1.5 weeks). We have 4 kids with lots of things that cluttered our space and not a lot of free time to make it ‘look pretty’ for pictures and showings.

The Oyler Hines Group recommended someone to help with that. We called them on Friday but they were so busy they couldn’t get to us until two weeks later. But since they have such a good relationship with the Oyler Hines Group, they squeezed us in the following Monday and by Wednesday they had our house ready for pictures."


Best part about your buying and selling experience?

"Even though it was an emotional roller coaster Scott and Heather were very reassuring and made us feel calm. During the closings of both houses, they made it very easy and organized."

Your top tip for others buying and selling at the same time?

"Have the house that you are currently living in as ready to go as you can. That way, when you pull the trigger, you won’t be sent scrambling. Since we just started looking at houses and weren’t completely convinced that we were ready to move, we had a lot of work to do in 9 days to get our house on the market. Andy was painting the shutters at 11pm one night and the interior at 1am the next night since our painter cancelled last minute. If you think you’ll consider moving anytime soon, get those things in order now."

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