A buying, selling, and renovating story

Meet The Hoh Family

This story starts with native Cincinnatians, John & Kristen Hoh, and their cute renovation in Oakley. It continues with the addition of their first "baby" a German Shepherd named Cali, then eventually two more babies, Beckett and Kayleigh and a need for more living space. Their failed attempt to find what they were looking for during the pandemic led them to change realtors and to find a team who could help explore all of their options.


The Realtor Switch

We were living in an adorable house John bought in Oakley before we even met! Before I moved in, we renovated it and loved living there. But we very quickly outgrew it as our family grew. We needed more space, but we were having a hard time finding the right house in the right location during the pandemic. That’s when we switched realtors and gave Bob and Mike a call. I knew Mike in high school and my dad has known Bill for years! I knew if anyone could help us find something to fit our family in Montgomery, it would be them. And we knew we could trust them to give their honest opinions and recommendations throughout the process. That’s one of the things we appreciate most about Bob!


The Oyler Hines Difference

When we finally gave Mike and Bob a call, we had no idea what we really wanted. Did we want to build? Renovate a home? Was it in Montgomery? Or in Anderson? John and I both really appreciated that Oyler Hines is a one-stop shop like that - they really do it all and have such great connections. After not finding what we needed and wanted in a new home with our previous realtor, it was really comforting that we could explore all our options with this team and - together with them - figure out what we wanted for our family. And once we decided, we felt confident they were the ones who could make it happen.

Most Surprising Part of The Process

Honestly, how easy it ended up being! We found a house before it was listed and sold ours without having to list it. With guidance from Bob and Mike, it was all just very easy. And Bob STILL provides us with guidance and is so fast to reply when John has questions about the market or potential homes in the area. Because of how this team operates - with honesty, transparency, genuine intent and expertise in Cincinnati real estate - we’ll never work with anyone else.

And The Most Challenging Part?

The hardest part about buying and selling at the same time was, of course, timing. We needed to do massive renovations on the new home and it was going to take at least 4 months! Bob and Mike helped us navigate the selling contract on our previous home so we could essentially rent it back from the new owner. It gave us a little over 4 more months in the old house so we didn’t have to move into temporary housing with young kids while we were renovating, but we could still lock in a buyer and know what we would have to spend on renovations. That situation would have been really tricky and complex to navigate without Bob guiding us and negotiating on our behalf.

We also had other challenges during the process. But Bob helped us work through all of them. First and foremost, figuring out where we wanted to live! My husband and I were on different spectrums and different parts of the city at first! They helped us navigate that by showing us homes in both locations and talking through the pros and cons of each as we walked those houses. And we couldn’t be happier that we ended up where we did. The second challenge was simply inventory at the time. Bob was incredibly patient with us and was so on top of it. The minute something went on the market we might like, we got a call from him. He was so responsive when we called him and got us into showings immediately. He ultimately helped us navigate getting a home that hadn’t even hit the market yet, and that ended up being the first house we put an offer on…and we got it!


Best part about your buying and selling experience?

We paid less than we expected for a new home we love and sold our previous house for more than we expected! Above all, though, we got to know Bob really well during the process. He’s such a wonderful person and really had our best interest in mind. We could call him about a listing and he would give us his honest opinion about whether it would be a good fit for us or not. And he was spot on every single time. He listened to us during the process, asked all the right questions and remembered important details about our family’s needs to steer us on the right path throughout the home buying experience. He became a great friend during the process - we adore him and feel so comfortable around him! We’re grateful we got to know him during that time.

Your top tip for others buying and selling at the same time?

Find a realtor like Oyler Hines who is truly an expert in the market and real estate so they can help you easily navigate the process. The creative solutions they offer can make the process go much smoother or put options on the table we wouldn’t have otherwise known existed. They took so much stress out of the process, especially since we knew we could trust and rely on Oyler Hines. We just followed Bob’s guidance and it went smoothly.

thank you hoh family For sharing your story!

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