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Meet the Berg Family

Ryan and April Berg have dedicated their life to running a non-profit in Cincinnati and absolutely love raising their family here. See how a surprise feature in their new home has made quarantining with a family a little more tolerable.


Who are the Bergs?

A family of six who "love to play sports, stay active, vacation together, and go downtown for various events as a family." They moved to Cincinnati in 2006 for work and haven't looked back. They love it here!

They are also the founders of the Aruna Project, an athleisure lifestyle brand that frees, employs and empowers women out of sex trafficking in India. Ryan is the CEO, and April is the Customer Experience Director. You can see their products here!

“We simply could not walk away from the young women suffering under the injustice of sexual exploitation. So we launched Aruna to create lifelong freedom. Not just so they are free, but so they are free and provided the opportunity to flourish. We are a brand that produces exceptional functional luxury Athleisure accessories, but the story woven into each product makes them invaluable. You’ll love knowing that you are a part of the women’s freedom stories.”


What made you move?

"We just wanted more functioning, affordable living space with teens and not so much work to do on the house. We found the Mt. Washington/Anderson area to be a perfect fit with both a newer home, bigger lot size and finished basement plus a pool!"

Why Oyler Hines?

"Heather Stallmeyer is a good friend of ours, and we trust her. We used the Oyler Hines Group before and they are so professional, personable, great at what they do and get the job done! It is with so much ease and they make sure we know what is happening all along the way! Plus they are the best in the area and know how to make the process as smooth as possible." 

What surprised you most about the buying and selling process?

"The closings were efficient and so fast, more than any other closing we experienced!"


Most challenging part of buying and selling at the same time?

"The most challenging is all the logistics in timing the move and closings to line up with payments happening at the right time. The Oyler Hines Group helped make this easy though and we appreciate them!"

Looking back, how did your move prepare you for quarantining at home?

"We didn't know if we wanted or were ready for a pool.....that ended up being the best decision ever. And having more space, and with quarantine we love our house even more now than we would have since we spent so much time already making memories together in our beautiful space!"

Best part about your buying and selling experience?

"We would rather do anything than have showings and our old house sold before sent and that was the biggest blessing of all!"

Your top moving tip for others?

"Ask questions and don't be afraid to do won't know unless you ask! Know the timelines and plan and it will make both go so much easier."

Thank you, Berg family, for sharing your story!

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